The Museum at The Clockworks showcases a remarkable collection of electric clocks and related devices dating from the mid-nineteenth century to the 1970s.

The museum collection is not restricted to timekeeping but also branches out into allied fields, such as early electricity metering and fire alarm telegraphy – both fields in which the early electric clock pioneers were also active.


Four key themes run through the collection.

Astronomical regulators, used in observatories for the precise timing of astronomical observations, as well as in laboratories or other environments needing precise metrology. Examples include instruments by Fedchenko, Leroy, Godman, Shortt, the Etalon factory, Hipp, Brillié and Zenith.

Numerous master clocks are displayed which demonstrate the variety of approaches to the production of reliable timekeeping systems. Some control hundreds of subsidiary impulse dials. A wide range of examples of the principal British systems (generally electrically reset gravity escapement clocks) are complemented by a selection of important Continental clocks.

A number of clocks contain synchronisers, used in the distribution of accurate time signals from primary standards to subsidiary networks of controlled clocks.

Synchronome and Gent, two highly important English manufacturers, are represented in the collection by examples of their work spanning their earliest days through to late in their existence.


The Museum is open by appointmentplease contact us.