The Clockworks Library includes the key reference works of value and importance to those interested in electrical timekeeping.

Alongside Antiquarian Horology there are long runs of the Horological Journal (1858 – 1917; 1994 to date), The Watch and Clockmaker, the NAWCC Bulletin and Clocks. Most auction catalogues featuring electric clocks since the 1990s are held. The main works on electrical timekeeping from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and so forth are present, with many originals and early editions, but some photocopied versions.

There is also a sizeable collection of ephemera, including original product catalogues, correspondence, corporate documentation and other information that increases our knowledge of early electric clock companies.

The Library collection is presently being catalogued and will be searchable in due course on this site.

Electric clock specialists are welcome to use the library by appointment – please contact us.